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Kako rešiti težave GOGO IPTV na sprejemniku Icone Pro, Plus in Wegoo

Date:2020/11/16 23:38:59 Hits:

"One says that it maybe gogo live is getting too crowded and on the other hand that gogo live is slowly becomingmatured apand so developer will adjust their policy and the system.So what is go go live? What happened to gogo live app? How to solve gogolive problem? The following article will clearly explain in detail. 

----- FMuser"

1) What is gogo live and Icone Pro?

2) What happened to gogo live\IPTV?

3) How To Manually Upgrade Icone Decoder?

4) How To Solve GOGO IPTV Not Connecting Problem?

5) How To Fix Gogo Live Network Unavailable Error And Force Colse?

6) How To Activate SharkCam On Icone Receiver?

7) How To Updates Plugins On gogo Icone Pro, Ice, Plus And Wegoo?

8) How To Update Plugins (Orca Server) On Icone Pro, Ice, Plus And Weego Decoder?

What is gogo live and Icone Pro?

#Definition: The gogo live is an app where people can go "live stream" on their devices. 

#Definition: Icone Iron Pro 4K UHD is one the hottest and rocking satellite tv receiver on the face of the earth. At the moment, Orca server also doing great work as the server opening many satellite tv package across the world. 

Different plugins such as Oscam, Softcam and others are features in the box. Fully support 4K Ultra resolution and 2 years GOGO IPTV.  >>več

Anyone who have the same app can watch it live on their devices online. The gogo live is the best app to watch different kind of broadcasters, it is free, quick and easy way to watch live entertainment! Meet new friends all over the world, receive and send virtual gifts. 

Everyone can become a broadcaster and get in on the gifts and opportunities of live streaming with gogo live. To cara daftar gogo live is to register on the app itself.We can download gogo live on different site and app stores on such as google play store, apkpure and more. There are two kinds of gogo live aplikacija, one is available on google play store which is a safe from adult content and the other will be the unfiltered version which is available on different website and app store like "Apkpure".\

What happened to gogo live?

Active users of the gogo live app claim that they have experienced sudden network loss for some time lost of which is unfortunately a gogo live error. There are lots of conspiracy about the event and we are looking for solution on what just really happened to the gogo live and why gogo live tidak bisa login even though they use it frequently. Icone receivers got latest firmware updates, which fix VGO IPTV hrošči problem and SharkCam free cccam plugin. If your Icone decoder support GOGO IPTV, failed to play channels and you experience connecting, then this article will solve the problem.

Not only the GOGO IPTV bug problem, the latest firmware will fix YES TV HD channels on Amos 4 at 4W. All the Icone receiver supported Orca server opening All the YES TV HD channels on Amos 4W.

SharkCam vključiti also now available to prenesi zastonj and enjoying unlimited server which claimed to opening Indian package. Let’s move on to solve GOGO IPTV problem of connecting on all the Icone decoder.


How To Manually Upgrade Icone Decoder?

● Pritisnite Meni na daljinskem upravljalniku

● Pomaknite se do možnosti "Posodobitev programske opreme" in nato pritisnite gumb V redu

● Pritisnite “Green Button” 

● Iz zgornje povezave izberite vdelano programsko opremo in pritisnite gumb OK

● Odpre se okno z napisom: "Ali želite posodobiti Eird? nato izberite »Da«, da začnete z nadgradnjo

● Dekoder bo prebral datoteko in začel nadgrajevati

● Počakajte nekaj minut, da se postopek nadgradnje konča

● Ko je nadgradnja končana, se bo dekoder ponovno zagnal na začetni zaslon.

How To Effectively Solve the GOGO LIVE Not-connecting Problem?

● Firstly, you need to reset "MYONLINE TV" App, to do this, then you need to do the following:
Pritisnite Meni, then navigate to “Android” scroll down to “Applications”, Scroll down and press OK button on “MYTV ONLINE” app
klik on “Storage” then Press OK Button on “Clear Data and Cache” and then select yes to confirm this action
● Ko končate,
Press Exit to the home screen
● Press Menu, Navigate to GOGO IPTV, Pritisnite OK button to confirm Settings
● Wait for the GOGO IPTV to connect to the server
● Once done the channels list will appear


How To Fix the Gogo Live Network Unavailable napaka And moč Pokrivala za vrate?

Indeed, some time ago the gogo live application got a warning and was removed from theplaystore but now the gogo live application is back and you can use it normally and bring the latest rules and features, but if your gogo live application is still Network unavailable or often comes out by yourself then see just how to fix it below. 

We all know that the Gogo Live application is an online-based application, which if an online application has an error and does not respond when used, then all you need to check on our Android phone is network access whether the signal is strong or not because if our network is weak, of course this application it will be slow and will even force close or the application will exit itself, because that is the first step, please check the internet connection on your Android phoneand don't forget to check the quota too, who knows it runs out.

If you feel that your android cellphone internet access is smooth but the gogo live application is still Network Unavailable, the worst possibility is that the device or cellphone you are using doesn't support gogo live because this application requires a minimum android OS 4.1 and above and requires RAM (Random Access Memory) of at least 1GB, and if Your cellphone specs are more than that, but it's still Network Unavailable, so please download Gogo Live on the Playstore again, and we are sure after that the Gogo Live application can open again and you can use it. 

So that's information from us about how to overcome Gogo live network unavailable on Android easily and without root, with this you can open and also use this application again.

How To Activate SharkCam On Icone Receiver?

● After finish upgrade successfully, Press "Modra Buttnaprej ” from your remote control.
● Then, again press “Blue Button” do download “Plugins“.
● Select “Plugins Package” which includes Orca, Xcam, CoconutPress “Red Button” from your remote controller to start downloading
● Nato se vtičniki samodejno začnejo »Running« na sprejemniku.

How To Updates Plugins On gogo Icone Pro, Ice, Plus And Wegoo?

● Popravljanje napak na kanalih
● Easy to add več funkcij or več funkcij
● Za posodobitev algoritma satelitskega ključa
● Enostavno
updates servers for opening scramble channels

● Slab internet

● Pomanjkanje
knowledge or tehnična know-how
● Pozne posodobitve strežnika
● Nestabilnost napajanja


Dober in hiter internet
● Satellite signal point do vašega favorites channels

Kako UpDatum Plugins (Orca Server) On Istožec Pro, Ice, Plus And Weego Decoder?

● smrekt od all, You needs to set-up Internet connection, Press Menu, Goto “Network” then select your preferred connection mode and get connected
● After Network connection successful, then proceeds to updates plugins by following the step below:
● Najprej nadgradite dekoder Icone Iron na najnovejšo različico programske opreme bodisi prek USB (Prenesite s njihovega spletnega mesta) ali uradno spletno nadgradnjo.
● After finish upgrade successfully, Press “Blue Button” from your remote control.
● Then, again press “Blue Button” to download “Plugins“.
● Izberite "Paket vtičnikov", ki vključuje Orca, Xcam, Kokos
● Pritisnite “Red Button” from your remote controller to start downloading
● Nato se vtičniki samodejno začnejo »Running« na sprejemniku.
● This are the simplest way on how to updates plugins on Icone decoder.


Leave your comment below if there is any further questions! We'd love to give you guys a hand!

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