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Najboljših 9 najboljših oddajnikov radijskih oddajnikov, dobaviteljev in proizvajalcev s Kitajske / ZDA / Evrope v letu 2020

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Wholesale FM Radio Broadcast Transmitter Business in 2020 

● The FM broadcasting industry will rise again in 2020

Getting into wholesale FM broadcasting business? Or are you looking for some good FM radio broadcast transmitter manufacturers and suppliers? Or are you looking for a reliable world wild supplier of FM broadcast equipment? You might be looking for some of the best wholesale FM broadcast transmitters suppliers from China, USA or Europe. Then you're in the right place!

The first and most important thing before starting any business is to have a detailed research. Make sure to find a niche which is not only profitable but also alluring and easy to market with good profit margins, especially in year 2020, uncountable operators are looking for reliable FM radio broadcast transmitter wholesaler for their drive-in church, drive-in theater, parking lot, radio station, etc. 

As we all know, price and quality are the two main factors that affect the business of wholesale enterprises. Many foreign customers come here to China to do large-scale FM transmitter wholesale business. They complain that the wholesale price of the FM transmitter on the Amazon platform is too high, and they can't even make a little money in these years. It coincides with the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, and the covid-19 virus is rampant in the world, especially in some large-scale countries, such as the United States, Italy, and other countries, the scope of the impact of the virus is more than But when people need a new way of praying, the importance of FM broadcasting gradually becomes apparent.

Many customers from the United States and other religious countries that are greatly affected have also realized this point. No matter the drive-in churches, drive-in theaters, or professional FM radio stations have issued unprecedented demands. We all know that when opportunities arise, we should seize them. Now many customers are looking for a technology professional and a reasonable price A platform for wholesale purchase of FM broadcasting products can get the most remuneration at the lowest price. They have done this on Amazon, but the effect is very small for the price of wholesale FM transmitters on Amazon is much higher than other suppliers such as the FMUSER.

● You Need Some Reliable FM Transmitter Wholesalers and Manufacturers

For the retailing business, first, you should consider the quality of a product, then is the price. That's why Amazon is trusted.

For the wholesaling business, you should first consider the price better than the quality. But I'm not asking you to leave the quality behind... That's one of the reasons why FMUSER is Trusted.

So many customers are now looking for similar platforms or other professional manufacturers and suppliers similar to Amazon that can do FM broadcasting equipment wholesale business to provide them with the best interests.

Reading this article, you will be aware who is doing high cost-effective FM broadcast transmitter wholesale business and how to find those FM broadcast transmitter manufacturer and suppliers around China/USA/Europe doing business at the most preferable prices. You can make your choices between those best selling business in 2020, like wholesale FM radio transmitter for drive-in theater, wholesale FM broadcast transmitter for church, wholesale FM radio broadcast transmitter for FM radio station such as, drive-in church broadcasting services, drive-in theater broadcasting, corporate broadcasting, regulatory agency broadcasting, hospital broadcasting, sports industry broadcasting and national broadcasting companies community radio stations

Due to the outburst of the pandemic, the business scope of the FM broadcasting are expanding, and the need for FM radio broadcast transmitter are increasing. According to the research, the global FM broadcast transmitter market to register an incremental growth of USD 17.6 million, witnessing a CAGR of about 23% in 2020 and have forecasted the future of the global will be constantly increasing. So, it would be a great opportunity in 2020 if you want to make big money by selling FM radio broadcast transmitter.

● We Know What You're Looking For

Radio broadcasting equipment is one of the most popular of all the categories. Be it radio station equipment, FM radio broadcast transmitter kit, FM radio antenna, studio transmitter link system and hundreds of more. Whichever item you want to get at wholesale, you can get so at the below listed cheap, high quality and reliable consumer FM radio broadcast transmitter wholesale suppliers.

After you choose your desired broadcast product for your business the next step is to find a reliable wholesale FM broadcast equipment manufacturers or supplier near you which can easily ship the goods to your warehouse as quick as possible. At the same time 

In this article we would like to help you get the top FM radio broadcast transmitter supplier from China, USA and Europe. So you can choose the best as per your preferences.

Let’s have a step by step look at different FM broadcast transmitter suppliers in the mentioned locations. 

FM Radio Broadcast Transmitter Wholesalers, Suppliers, Manufacturers in China

China has become a hub of exporting hundreds and thousands of products on daily basis. But still to this day, a few and new business owners are sometimes afraid of sourcing products from China, as they find the process and regulations a bit confusing. But we are here to answer Why you should start your FM radio broadcast transmitter business from Chinese wholesalers, suppliers and manufacturers.

The significant profit margins on products made by Chinese manufactures are so alluring, you can’t resist. We have seen plethora of people getting millionaire doing business by wholesaling FM radio broadcast transmitter from Chinese wholesalers, suppliers and manufacturers.

Broadcast worldwide supply products also come with greater profits. Just an example, a single unit of a 0.5W FM broadcast transmitter costs around 120USD on Amazon (I'm talking about the cheapest ones), and there are no any discount for like 15% off or something else that can help you make any profit from it, not even to say the expensive ones. I can’t barely imagine if I couldn't make any profit from a wholesale FM transmitter business. Instead, there are countless excellent suppliers in China, who manufacture and wholesale high quality FM broadcast transmitter for places and services such as drive-in church broadcasting services, drive-in theater broadcasting, corporate broadcasting, regulatory agency broadcasting, hospital broadcasting, sports industry broadcasting and national broadcasting companies, community radio stations.

Compared with Amazon, as a professional FM transmitter supplier and manufacturer, their FM broadcasting products are of high quality and reasonable price, which can well meet the needs of your wholesale business and help you get the highest profit at the lowest price

Here is the comparison chart on some of the best FM transmitter suppliers and manufacturers in China. I will explain then as carefully as I can so that you can take some references and go find some of these suppliers and manufacturers to provide wholesale service for you

Wholesale FM   Broadcasting Suppliers



Processing Time


Customer Reviews


FM broadcast Transmitter & General


24 ur

★ ★ ★ ★ ★  

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 




24-48 ure

★ ★ ★

★ ★ ★

Chengdu KT



24-48 ure

★ ★ ★

★ ★ ★ ★




Depend on Supplier

★ ★ ★ ★ 

★ ★ ★




2 dni

★ ★ ★ 

★ ★


FMUSER is an all-in-one solution supplier and FM transmitter wholesaler and manufacturer for your wholesale FM broadcast transmitter business. It is a general category website, catering over a dozen of categories including the FM radio broadcast transmitter kit and radio station equipment. You can wholesale your products or if you don’t want to risk the money. They also offer dropshipping service.

FMUSER is prominent for having a very large quantity of over 500,000 SKUs currently available. Hundreds of products in FM broadcasting category could be found on the store. The best part is it is reliable supplier partner for your business.More>

Not only this, FMUSER takes your business very seriously. FMUSER focuses on practical and durable audio and video broadcasting transmission solutions equipment such as: FM radio broadcast transmitter and TV transmitters and corresponding accessories, with FM radio broadcast transmitter power ranging from 0.1W to 10kW+ and they have a high-quality technical and business team to provide you with real-time technical guidance for audio and video broadcasting transmission solutions

With the help of FMUSER big data information and wholesale FM radio broadcast transmitter B2B business, you can get an idea of hot selling products you can choose to buy for your business.

FMUSER know the shipping time could be critical for your business, so they assure you of strict 24 hours processing and 2-3 days shipping worldwide with online tracking. They have an easy return policy also. They offer premium customer satisfaction support for all its customers.

They also have been investing a lot of money on their product titles, descriptions, product imagery. So even if you are wholesaling or dropshipping with the help of FMUSER you can get SEO optimized titles and descriptions to help you get free organic traffic to boost sales. This could be easily done with their API integration to Shopify, Lazada, Ebay, Amazon and more.

Best-Selling FM Radio Broadcast Transmitter Wholesale on FMUSER



Dexin Digital Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1994 and is one of the designers and manufacturers of digital TV front-end solutions in Chengdu. China. Dexin currently has 60 million registered capital and a total construction area of 15,893 square meters. 

Dexin manufactures equipment types according to customer requirements and attaches great importance to quality control. Its basic marketing locations have covered North America, Western Europe, Southeast Asia, and other regions.

Chengdu KT

Chengdu KT Electronic High-Tech Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company established in 1992, specializing in R&D, production and sales, engineering design, installation, and service in the fields of broadcasting, FTTH and television equipment. Including cable TV and broadband network equipment. KT owns 70 acres of the industrial park and 70,000 square meters of R&D and production base, with about 700 employees. 

KT products have been exported to some countries in Southeast Asia and South America.


Tongfang Co., Ltd. has been exploring and innovating in the IT and energy environment industries and has established a number of high-quality fields in the fields of computers, digital cities, Internet applications, microelectronics and radiofrequency technology, semiconductors, and lighting, knowledge networks, military and digital The company’s TV, environmental technology, security systems, building energy-saving industries, etc. Although it has innate advantages in technology and capital, just like its product quality, 

Tongfang’s product unit price is ridiculously high, and Tongfang’s FM broadcasting equipment, such as FM broadcasting transmitter equipment, only provides high-power transmitters. However, in 2020, the number of FM broadcasting equipment used in major application scenarios such as drive-in churches, drive-in theaters, and parking lot broadcasting under the epidemic is very insufficient. 


Shanghai Dongzhou Luodun Communications Co., Ltd., established in 2003, is an excellent comprehensive service provider of communications, radio and television, and Internet of Things products and engineering construction in China. The company has formed communications covering all mobile communication operators, military, public security, armed police, radio and television, oil fields, mining, electric power, iron towers, etc., and has relevant radio and television transmission equipment production licenses. 

Wholesale FM Radio Broadcast Transmitter Suppliers in USA/Europe

China is one of the biggest exporter of majority of the FM broadcasting products in the world, USA is also not behind. Their electronics wholesale suppliers and manufacturers have their competitive advantages, though they are not that popular or common among most people.

So if you are located near these areas, you might be looking to source your wholesale electronics business with local distributors, then you can check these suppliers and see for yourself if they can be of any help to grow your business

Wholesale FM Broadcasting Suppliers



Čas obdelave


Mnenja strank

RVR Elettronica



1-2 dni

★ ★ ★ ★ 

★ ★ ★

Nautel Ltd.



1-2 dni

★ ★ ★ ★ 

★ ★ ★ 

DB Elettronica



24-48 ure

★ ★ ★

★ ★ ★ ★

Rohde & Schwarz

Elektronski izdelki


Kontaktirajte jih

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

★ ★ ★ ★

RVR Elettronica

Since 1979, RVR Elettronica has been committed to research and manufacture high-tech equipment and high performance for telecommunications and transmission equipment. Since then, RVR Elettronica has never stopped growing, forming a consolidated company group consisting of more than 200 professionals, and confirming its leading position in the global FM market. RVR has complete system configuration, effective installation service, training and careful after-sales service, which is completely reliable.

Nautel Ltd.

Established in 1969, Nautel has over 50 years experience in creating highly innovative products, and has earned a reputation as a world leader in the design, manufacture, wholesale and support of high power, solid state RF products for radio broadcast, FM radio broadcast transmitter, navigation, sonar, and industrial applications.

DB Elettronica

DB focus on products, systems, and services. They received important awards for our Solid State Amplification and its revolutionary Cold-FetTM technology and developed a new HI-ADCTM technology to improve the TV transmitters, reaching high-quality signals both in analog and digital transmissions.

Rohde & Schwarz

Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co KG is an international electronics group, specializing in electronic test equipment, broadcasting and media, network security, radio monitoring, radio positioning and radio communications. The company provides products for wireless communications, broadcasting and media, etc. This company has five factories in Europe and Asia, and development centers in the United States, Singapore, South Korea, China, Denmark, France, and the United Kingdom outside of Germany. This is a leader in the broadcasting industry with strong R&D capabilities and technical background, but just like its high-quality products, if you want to make large-scale wholesale FM broadcasting equipment from Rohde&Schwarz GmbH&Co K to make more profits, this is Not a wise choice. Buy and wholesale FM broadcast equipment from FMUSER is a better choice instead.More>


Elenos is a professional in manufacturing innovative, state-of-the-art FM transmitters. Our transmitters are widely acclaimed for their compact design, low energy consumption, and reliability. Their sound quality is excellent too. This company with offices and support facilities in Europe, North America, and Asia. The company's FM broadcasting equipment is of great quality, but the price is prohibitive.

Wholesale From Amazon Is Not Always Your First Choice|What You Need to Know
Especially for FM radio transmitters, Amazon may be known for offering the lowest prices, but this is not always the case. This is another situation that buyers should beware of, even when buying from a trusted source. According to the latest price research of FMUSER, it is found that buying certain FM radio equipment wholesale on Amazon is much higher than the price of goods purchased on the FMUSER platform.

In the main survey results, for the top 100 FM radio transmitters, the same product is 75% more expensive than FMUSER, while the top 100 FM radio transmitters are 93% more expensive.

Many wholesalers and manufacturers of FM broadcasting equipment from China provide products of similar quality to those on the Amazon platform, but the wholesale prices of products from Chinese wholesalers and manufacturers are far lower than those on the Amazon platform.

Amazon has indeed lowered the prices of certain products, and it is entirely possible to publish multiple products at different prices for the same product on the website.

On the contrary, buying and wholesale FM broadcasting equipment from FMUSER is a better choice. They have a lower wholesale price and the same or even better product quality, it is your best choice for wholesale FM broadcasting equipment.

Amazon may be able to provide you with the wholesale of FM radio equipment you need, and these costs are usually 2-3 times the wholesale price of FMUSER FM radio equipment, some Even up to 5 times. Why not buy more high-quality FM broadcasting equipment wholesale from FMUSER for the same amount of money?

Top Profitable FM Broadcast Equipment You Can Wholesale

Affected by the epidemic, the current drive in services is very popular, and the demand for broadcasting equipment is very large. Why not take this opportunity well? if you work wisely. Before you even start to think the profitable electronics you can wholesale you will have to bear in mind about your profit margins.

Profits margins are something essential for your business to run. Think of margins as your E-commerce store Emperor. Higher profit margins allows your business to sustain and profitable and less margins burns your money and business. It is understood that a weak ruler can’t run an empire properly.

Also you can not keep your margins blindly and so high that you can’t even make a sale, neither you can keep margins too less that you stop making any money.

Let’s see a few products we think could be profitable for you to wholesale and sell for profit.

★  Wholesale Radio Station Eqipment

For high-quality FM radio station equipment, these things are often inseparable....

● An FM radio broadcast transmitter
● An FM dipole antenna
● FM broadcast cable 
● RF accessories for cable
● The audio processor 
● The mluti-way audio mixer
● Microphone with stand
● BOP cover
● Monitor speaker
● Headphone
● Audio connection cables

● etc...

See>> "Professional FM Radio Station Equipment List"

This is a great opportunirt for you to whole sale FM radio broadcast transmitter if your customer would like to lanuch an FM radio station for drive in services, such as drive in church, drive in theater, parking lot, live show, etc. 

★  Wholesale TV/FM and Accessories

An FM radio broadcast transmitter is important, but the accessories such as the connectors and the cables is important as well. > Več

★  Wholesale FM Radio Broadcast Transmitter

What’s the best power of an FM broadcast transmitter for drive in church? I'll tell you that it is the 0.5W, because it covers a long range radius and it’s much cheaper than other FM radio broadcast transmitters of the same kind. > Več

★  Wholesale FM Broadcast Antenna

A high gain FM broadcast antenna is vital for an FM radio broadcast transmitter, well, the price is also reasonable... > Več

FAQs: Wholesale FM Transmitter for Drive-in Church/Theater/Parking Lot, etc.

I am very glad to have the opportunity to show you some of the best-selling wholesale FM radio transmitters on FMUSER. If you are interested in this, please click the corresponding link to access more information about wholesale FM oddajniki!

1. How to select diffenajem FM radio broadcast transmitters for different scenarios?

FMUSER FU-05B 0.5W LPFM Transmitter

Up to now, more than 100 FM radio retailers have purchased over 350,000 pieces of FM broadcasting equipment from FMUSER, such as FMUSER' s low-power transmitter series, such as FCC certified 0.5W low-power transmitter FU-05B, 7W low-power transmitter FU-7C and other popular wholesale broadcasting products, and have widely applied them to drive in church broadcasting services, drive-in theater broadcasting, Corporate broadcasting, regulatory agency broadcasting, hospital broadcasting, sports industry broadcasting, and national broadcasting companies community radio stations and so on

In order to enable you to better distinguish what kind of broadcasting scenarios your customers need to use FM broadcasting transmitters to meet your wholesale needs, I will give you a detailed introduction of which FM broadcasting transmitters should be used for different application scenarios, and attach the corresponding product links so that you can better understand.

If you ask me which FM transmitter would be the best wholesale choice in 2020, I would like to suggest you the FMUSER FU-05B 0.5W FM broadcast transmitter.

FU-05B is a professional grade low power FM transmitter operating in the commercial FM band (76 – 108MHz). It comes with the best quality and most reasonable price among the same FM transmitter of the same kind

It can perfectly meet the need for small range broadcast such as in some indoor places (churches, theaters, cinemas, auditoriums, conference halls, Hostels, Commercial Plaza, Shopping Center, Government Building, Sports Center, Fitness Center, Conference) or outdoor (business parking, tourist attractions, talking signs, Rural radio, Outdoor Advertising, Outdoor Activities, Orienteering) short-range broadcasting in a variety of applications: hearing assistance, translation, information, sound re-enforcement. With its outstanding RF and audio performances, ruggedness, reliability, and versatility make it stand out from conventional hearing assistance systems.

Wholesale Hot-selling FU-05B 0.5W LPFM Transmitter from FMUSER. > Več

● FMUSER FU-7C 7W LPFM Transmitter for Drive-in Church Services

The FMUSER “FU” low power FM transmitter series (0.5W, 7W, 15W, 25W) are specially designed to meet the need of the customers who have a not-that-much budget but wants to realize the long-ranged radius covered.

If you want your customers to broadcast through a range about around 1KM, FU-7C 7W FM transmitter would be your best choice (FU-05B 0.5W FM transmitter can outperform within 1KM)

Wholesale Hot-selling FU-7C 7W LPFM Transmitter form FMUSER. > Več

● FMUSER FU-15A 15W LPFM Transmitter for Drive-in Church Services

The FMUSER “FU” low power FM transmitter series (0.5W, 7W, 15W, 25W) are specially designed to meet the need of the customers who have a not-that-much budget but wants to realize the long-ranged radius covered. It is one of the best-quality LPFM transmitters, being portable-sized and easy-operating as well.

If you want your customers to broadcast through a range around 1-3 KM, FU-15A 15W FM transmitter would be your best choice (FU-05B 0.5W FM transmitter can best-outperform within 1KM, while FU-7C at around 1KM)

Wholesale Hot-selling FU-15A 15W LPFM Transmitter from FMUSER. > Več

● FMUSER FU-25A 25W LPFM Transmitter FM Radio Station

The FMUSER “FU” low power FM transmitter series (0.5W, 7W, 15W, 25W) are specially designed to meet the need of the customers who have a not-that-much budget but wants to realize the long-ranged radius covered. It is one of the best-quality LPFM transmitters, being portable-sized and easy-operating as well.

If you want your customers to broadcast through a range at around 3 KM, FU-15A 15W FM transmitter would be your best choice (FU-05B 0.5W FM transmitter can best-outperform within 1KM, while FU-7C at around 1KM, FU-15A at around 1-3KM)

Wholesale Hot-selling FU-25A LPFM Transmitter from FMUSER. > Več

2. Can I start an FM radio equipment business on online shopping sites in the United States or Europe? Where can I buy products?

Of course, you can. Here, I recommend a good direct selling website and wholesale website-FMUSER.

When purchasing products for sale, we will never mention FMUSER. As one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of FM broadcasting equipment in China. They have overcome all difficulties and established a solid FM broadcasting equipment wholesale business in various countries/regions on five continents including Europe, Asia, Africa, and the United States.

Their business spans the world, serving customers in more than 200 countries/regions around the world. With more than thousands of products and product portfolios, including all types of FM broadcasting equipment, you can comfortably choose the type of equipment you need without worrying about inventory

Even better, they cover high-end and low-end product lines at wholesale prices. Therefore, it depends on your budget to choose a product.

With FMUSER, you will always get 100% guaranteed high-quality products. Many categories, high quality, low price, and other product features are available for you to choose from. You can rest assured to get the best customer service from their team of experts.

In addition, they can interact with more than 16 major e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon, Lazada, Shopee, Joom, etc.

If you encounter any problems from FMUSER wholesale, please consult their business or technical staff

3. Kaj is the broadcast range of different FM radio broadcast transmitter?

Well, a small FM radio transmitter such as FMUSER FU-05B 0.5W FM broadcast transmitter is enough for the drive-in church, drive-in theater services, and other FM broadcasting scenarios, if you want to cover a long distance more than 1 KM, a 1W FM broadcast transmitter will do, and 15W/25W FM broadcast transmitter for 1-3 KM, 50W FM broadcast transmitter for 3-8 KM, 150W FM broadcast transmitter for 8-10KW, 350W FM broadcast transmitter for 15-25KM, 1000W FM broadcast transmitter for 20-30KM. But please pay attention that the radius coverage is only for references, for there are still other essences such as the humidity of the air, the set height of the FM broadcast antenna installation, and a number of other different circumstances.

4. How to Find FM Transmitter Manufacturers Over the World?

Without the knowledge on how to find the best FM broadcast transmitter manufacturers, locating manufacturers you can work with can be hard. Below, we show you the best ways to find FM broadcast equipment manufacturers in the China/USA/Europe.

. Directories and B2B Marketplaces

Marketplaces and directories are one of the best ways to locate FM broadcast transmitter manufacturers. In fact, the bigger directories can have thousands or at least thousands of FM broadcast transmitter manufacturers.

It is worth noting that not all directories are helpful. While there are numerous manufacturer directories on the internet, most of them are either outdated or low-quality. Therefore, finding the best B2B marketplaces and directories may take some work.

. Google

Google can be an ideal way to find FM broadcast transmitter manufacturers in the USA/Europe. However, you need to know that the best manufacturers often have outdated websites. 

Therefore, you have to parse 10 to 30 pages on the search engine before finding FM broadcasting equipment manufacturers in the USA you can work with.

Trying a variety of keywords can help you. Less specific keywords such as “wholesale FM transmitter manufacturer” and “FM broadcasting equipment manufacturer” will work as best as specific keywords such as “wholesale low power FM broadcast transmitter manufacturers” would.

. Tradeshows

Tradeshows are a great way to find, get to know, and even vet manufacturers you may work with in the future. Most tradeshows can help you meet FM broadcast equipment factory representatives. They can also help you source the fabrics you need.

. Referrals

When using the methods outlined in this section to find the wholesale FM broadcast equipment manufacturers in China, you may have to deal with some dead ends. 

For example, your order may be too small for a particular manufacturer. Maybe the manufacturer is not capable of offering you the services you need. In some instances, you may find the company is too busy to work with new customers.

You can make the best of these setbacks. Instead of just ending your conversation with a particular company when you realize that they cannot handle your order, ask for referrals. 

The manufacturers can recommend FM broadcast equipment factories which may be willing to handle your order.

Wholesale FM Transmitter From FMUSER

How to buy large quantities of radio and television transmitters by comparing prices to obtain the greatest benefits is a question that many Amazon radio transmitter wholesale buyers have been pursuing answers, not only that, important issues such as international trade issues, FCC certification standards and being unclear about where to find such a wholesale purchase platform for radio and television transmitters will also become the vital factors that increase the purchase cost of wholesale buyers. FMUSER, as one of the professional FM broadcast transmitter suppliers and manufacturers in the FM field, is able to meet your need on FM transmitter wholesale.

Therefore, when you need such an international sales platform that is affordable, has FCC certification standards, and has large-scale wholesale and production capabilities, FMUSER can be your solid backing, we can not only wholesale high-quality radio stations for you Equipment, such as radio station transmitters and antenna sets suitable for various FM broadcasting application scenarios, or tailor-made radio station equipment suitable for different application scenarios according to your needs, and can also customize your exclusive brand radio station equipment for you, And provide a complete after-sales service process and technical support.

You can completely trust FMUSER, and find your best matching information from the wholesale information update of FMUSER's website!> Več


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